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Browndorf-the best private equity management firm

February 20, 2009

Matthew Browndorf’s BrowndorfPEM (private equity management) is a full-service financial services provider, led by Matthew Browndorf that offers a complete suite of financial management and growth products such as Wealth Advisory Services, proprietary private equity and Browndorf’s hedge fund management services and independent investment banking services.

Matthew Browndorf is the co-manager of BrowndorfPEM, which is the most trusted name offering a complete suite of equity management solutions with the expertise of a personalized and professional management team, BrowndorfPEM’s strengths lie in the strategic vision, strong legal and ethical structure, unique product mix and core affiliates.

Matthew Browndorf’s firm maintains a close and fiduciary alignment with their private client investors at BrowndorfPEM, which are managed through the wealth advisory services and the most trusted name in custody and clearing. Matthew Browndorf’s BrowndorfPEM proprietary fund offerings and the custom tailored independent offerings are operated through a network of non-affiliated and independent broker dealers at BrowndorfPEM.

BrowndorfPEM, led by Matthew Browndorf, Esq., offers investment banking services which are synergistically focused to meet the demands of the vast and varied investor base. The strong management is vested in the interests of BrowndorfPEM, with the likes of Matthew Browndorf. The unique life settlement hedging strategy offered by BrowndorfPEM allows for insured investments along with alternative investments. With all these features, Matthew Browndorf led BrowndorfPEM is in a position to advise its clients according to their preferences, while adhering to asset management design and financial planning principles of BrowndorfPEM.

Browndorf PEM is managed by Matthew Browndorf, Esq. Mr. Browndorf has an impeccable record as an attorney in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and England and Wales.


BrowndorfPEM to Solve All Your Problems related to investment.

February 20, 2009

The Matthew Browndorf owned firm BrowndorfPEM offers customized asset management and financial planning techniques to individuals, businesses, and institutional clients. Matthew Browndorf’s focus areas at BrowndorfPEM include asset allocation, risk management, and performance monitoring process. With their long years of expertise in the field of financial management, BrowndorfPEM is able to advise their clients according to their preferences and needs while adhering to asset management design and the financial planning principles of BrowndorfPEM.

BrowndorfPEM, with its institutional approach to the selection and use of investment vehicles, enables its customers to create individually tailored solutions. Matthew Browndorf led BrowndorfPEM adopts a pragmatic approach, by complimenting traditional investment strategies with alternative investment solutions such as BrowndorfPEM hedge funds, private equity offerings, REIT’s, commodity indices, CTA’s, and other low correlated vehicles designed to diversify risk and enhance performance. With the help of these services, BrowndorfPEM is able to solve your problems related to investment.

BrowndorfPEM, LLC is the advisor for the Browndorf Life Settlements Funds. The company is led by attorney Matthew Browndorf. BrowndorfPEM is dedicated to the pursuit of first-class results while staying within the risk tolerance as defined by the client. Matthew Browndorf’s Browndorf expects its client portfolios to perform well regardless of market conditions.

Following are points to be noted about BrowndorfPEM:

Browndorf PEM has never received a complaint from a client.

Browndorf PEM has no disciplinary action reported, pending or filed against the Company.

Browndorf PEM is committed to insuring the best possible investment advice and client experience.

BrowndorfPEM to help you manage your money matters

February 20, 2009

Matthew Browndorf’s BrowndorfPEM (private equity management) offers a complete suite of financial management and growth products for different sections of customers. The important services offered by BrowndorfPEM include wealth advisory services, proprietary private equity and hedge management services and independent investment banking services.

BrowndorfPEM, led by Matthew Browndorf is a registered investment advisor and the advisor for the Browndorf Funds, including the BrowndorfPEM Life Settlement Portfolios LP. BrowndorfPEM is one of the most trusted names in the financial management services companies. BrowndorfPEM is managed by a team of experts in the financial investment sector. The Browndorf company is led by attorney Matthew Browndorf, Esq. Having a strong legal, ethical and compliance infrastructure to compliment the business acumen, BrowndorfPEM is able to deliver the financial services preferred by the customers.

Matthew Browndorf’s BrowndorfPEM services can be broadly divided into three categories. The Senior Life Settlement at BrowndorfPEM is an investment grade vehicle, uncorrelated with most other asset classes. The funds will generate revenues based on both income from maturing policies and capital gains from secondary sales of the structured product. The Investment Banking services at Browndorfpem utilizes a network of independent broker dealers at BrowndorfPEM who emphasize synergistic products and services for their clients. Matthew Browndorf’s Wealth Advisory services at BrowndorfPEM focus on providing customized asset management and financial planning techniques to individuals, businesses, and institutional clients.

BrowndorfPEM is co-managed by Matthew Browndorf, Esq. Matthew Browndorf has an impeccable record as an attorney in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and England and Wales.

Great management team to help you invest better at Browndorf PEM

February 16, 2009

Browndorf PEM works as a full-service financial services firm. It provides a complete suite of financial management and growth products, including Wealth Advisory Services, Life Settlement Portfolios, Distressed Funds and Investment Banking services. To serve its customers seamlessly, Browndorf PEM leverages the potential of its highly professional team of legal, financial and ethical experts.

Browndorf PEM’s management team is led by Matthew C. Browndorf, Esq., the founding and managing member of Browndorf PEM. Before starting the company, Browndorf served as an attorney in Manhattan, New York, at Bryan Cave LLP and Buchanan Ingersoll PC, where he acted as the representative for security brokers and private clients in securities. He has got extensive knowledge in creditors’ rights and bankruptcy.

Jonathan T. Sadowsky is the managing director of finance and portfolio manager of all Browndorf PEM Funds. He previously worked as a fixed income hedge fund portfolio manager and researcher at Barclays Global Investors (BGI) in San Francisco, CA. His areas of expertise include corporate debt, asset valuation, credit default swaps (CDS) and total return swaps (TRS).

Other notable people in the team include Shadi Rafat and William K. Lundy. Shadi Rafat is the managing director of operations at Browndorf PEM and one of the original founders of Browndorf PEM. She leads Browndorf’s operations from every aspect. William K. Lundy is the managing director of investment banking services and an original member of Browndorf PEM. Lundy is specialized in bringing venture capital to emerging growth companies.

Financial Management at Your Finger Tips

February 16, 2009

Earing money is just a small part of the trade. What plagues many people more is proper management of the same. I was no exception to it either. By god’s grace, I started my own venture which moved on pretty well and my bounty increased with every passing day. However, I also realized that since the money was not being invested into the proper channels the it was multiplying rather slowly. To top it all, I met a dozen more investment advisors who advised me varied things and I ended up being totally confused. It was at this point, when one of my associates told me about Browndorf Pem LLC. The organization was set up in 2002 and it is a full-service financial services provider. At Browdorf I was offered a complete package of financial management and growth products formulated for the high net-worth private client, family, office and institution.

A team of super qualified and cooperative professionals assisted me to invest my money into the prper channels so that it could reap maximum interest and multiply effectively on its own.

If you want your money to be in safe hands as well, I would suggest that you get in touch with Browndorf Pem LLC too. Its simple to contact them too. You just log on to www. and look up for your relevant advice and other contact information.

Careers at Browndorf PEM LLC

February 16, 2009

Browndorf PEM is a Newport Beach-based financial services company. The company offers a complete suite of investment management solutions to private clients, families, offices and institutions. Browndorf offers great opportunities for young and enthusiastic professionals. The company offers the following positions in its main offices in Newport.

Browndorf seeks Senior Wealth Advisors for its growing wealth advisory division. The position demands entrepreneurial thinkers to build and manage their businesses. They are responsible for attracting and managing high net worth, ultra high new worth, family offices and small institutional clients. Browndorf promises a highly professional environment and freedom to put yourself in a position to offer your clients the most sophisticated asset management services available, including traditional and alternative strategies, and be supported by a team of seasoned industry professionals.

Browndorf PEM seeks film finance and development lawyer to work as in-house counsel in position of Associate General Counsel. The position demands the ability to structure special purpose vehicles, create term sheets for various film financing structures and banking relationships, create and manage financing agreements and create and maintain various corporate structures.

Both positions require the ability to work independently, ambitiously and cooperatively within an energetic and focused team of like-minded legal, financial and industry professionals.