BrowndorfPEM to Solve All Your Problems related to investment.

The Matthew Browndorf owned firm BrowndorfPEM offers customized asset management and financial planning techniques to individuals, businesses, and institutional clients. Matthew Browndorf’s focus areas at BrowndorfPEM include asset allocation, risk management, and performance monitoring process. With their long years of expertise in the field of financial management, BrowndorfPEM is able to advise their clients according to their preferences and needs while adhering to asset management design and the financial planning principles of BrowndorfPEM.

BrowndorfPEM, with its institutional approach to the selection and use of investment vehicles, enables its customers to create individually tailored solutions. Matthew Browndorf led BrowndorfPEM adopts a pragmatic approach, by complimenting traditional investment strategies with alternative investment solutions such as BrowndorfPEM hedge funds, private equity offerings, REIT’s, commodity indices, CTA’s, and other low correlated vehicles designed to diversify risk and enhance performance. With the help of these services, BrowndorfPEM is able to solve your problems related to investment.

BrowndorfPEM, LLC is the advisor for the Browndorf Life Settlements Funds. The company is led by attorney Matthew Browndorf. BrowndorfPEM is dedicated to the pursuit of first-class results while staying within the risk tolerance as defined by the client. Matthew Browndorf’s Browndorf expects its client portfolios to perform well regardless of market conditions.

Following are points to be noted about BrowndorfPEM:

Browndorf PEM has never received a complaint from a client.

Browndorf PEM has no disciplinary action reported, pending or filed against the Company.

Browndorf PEM is committed to insuring the best possible investment advice and client experience.


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