Great management team to help you invest better at Browndorf PEM

Browndorf PEM works as a full-service financial services firm. It provides a complete suite of financial management and growth products, including Wealth Advisory Services, Life Settlement Portfolios, Distressed Funds and Investment Banking services. To serve its customers seamlessly, Browndorf PEM leverages the potential of its highly professional team of legal, financial and ethical experts.

Browndorf PEM’s management team is led by Matthew C. Browndorf, Esq., the founding and managing member of Browndorf PEM. Before starting the company, Browndorf served as an attorney in Manhattan, New York, at Bryan Cave LLP and Buchanan Ingersoll PC, where he acted as the representative for security brokers and private clients in securities. He has got extensive knowledge in creditors’ rights and bankruptcy.

Jonathan T. Sadowsky is the managing director of finance and portfolio manager of all Browndorf PEM Funds. He previously worked as a fixed income hedge fund portfolio manager and researcher at Barclays Global Investors (BGI) in San Francisco, CA. His areas of expertise include corporate debt, asset valuation, credit default swaps (CDS) and total return swaps (TRS).

Other notable people in the team include Shadi Rafat and William K. Lundy. Shadi Rafat is the managing director of operations at Browndorf PEM and one of the original founders of Browndorf PEM. She leads Browndorf’s operations from every aspect. William K. Lundy is the managing director of investment banking services and an original member of Browndorf PEM. Lundy is specialized in bringing venture capital to emerging growth companies.


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