BrowndorfPEM-history of the company

BrowndorfPEM, led by Matthew Browndorf is a provider of an entire suite of financial management and growth products to different types of clients including private companies, families, and institutions. BrowndorfPEM was established in 2002 by Matthew Browndorf. BrowndorfPEM is a Pennsylvania limited liability Company (LLC) registered to do business in California.

BrowndorfPEM is a Registered Investment Advisor and the advisor for the Browndorf Funds, including the Browndorf Life Settlement Portfolios LP at BrowndorfPEM. Matthew Browndorf’s portfolio of financial management services at BrowndorfPEM includes Wealth Advisory Services, proprietary private equity and hedge fund management services and independent investment banking services. Having a solid infrastructure and the expertise of a personalized and professional management team, BrowndorfPEM has pulled off significant number of customers.

BrowndorfPEM, managed by Matthew Browndorf, Esq. Matthew Browndorf has an impeccable record as an attorney in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and England and Wales. BrwondorfPEM is one of the first buy-side firms to utilize synthetic life-linked assets to mitigate most of the unwanted operational and legal risks while still receiving the advantageous economics of a diversified portfolio of Senior Life Settlements in a hedge fund structure. Recently BrowndorfPEM launched Browndorf Life Settlement Fund LP to manage portfolios focused on longevity based or life-linked assets such as the Browndorf Senior Life Settlements, which allows investors to invest and profit from the future mortality profile of the population.


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